Storage rooms for students

Dear students, let’s think out of the box ‘of storage’

storage room for student in paris

Is your room too small? Your campus doesn’t have any extra storage space for your furniture ?

It’s time to go back to school, you’re excited about being in a new class and looking forward to discovering your new city but you’ve forgotten one important thing; your belongings! What’s more, as a student your budget might not allow you to rent an apartment or even a studio and you’ll need to dedicate most of your time to your studies.

We can provide you with inexpensive storage space close to your accommodation or campus.

Our storage space is located in Paris and its surroundings; it’s tailored to your specific needs and timetable.

The bonus is that you get to live in enough space to not feel like you’re living in a messy shoe box!

box de stockage étudiant pas cher Ile de France

Don’t risk leaving your things with your parents when you’re hundreds of kilometers from them. You may need certain items quicker than you first thought !

Don’t risk missing anything at all, because with your finances it will be difficult to replace all those precious and useful items !

Choose to get some self storage space in Paris or the suburbs and take the weight off your shoulders so that you can really focus on your studies !

box de stockage étudiant pas cher Ile de France

for tight budget, maximum solutions !

As well as accompanying you in your student life with our self storage spaces we can also supply you with cardboard boxes and wrapping materials to protect the contents of your storage room.

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