From December 1st to December 31st, 2016

Storage units in paris

For terms and conditions call 01 71 11 32 85

Our storage rooms in Clichy (Stade de France)

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9, rue des teinturiers 92110 Clichy

Two entrances

8, rue Fournier or
37, rue Médéric

Call 01 71 11 32 85

Opening hours


Flexi Stockage Clichy, 6 advantages

  1. Accessible: As a client you have the freedom to come and go 24/7 thanks to your own personal entry code and key. 24 /24h et 7j/j.
  2. Convenient: 3 900 square meters of storage space to rent on 2 floors equipped with goods lifts and ramps.
  3. Security controlled: Individual storage spaces, monitored by video surveillance and only accessible with your personal code and security badge.
  4. Complete package: Access locks and a loading dock, allocated parking space and trolleys and forklifts to borrow for handling your goods.
  5. Flexible: Storage space ranging from 1 square meter up to 100 square meters and customizable to suit your needs.
  6. Useful: Our box shop sells high quality moving and packing materials: Bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, wrapping tape, protection covers…

Equipements & Services

  • 24/7 free access
  • CCTV monitored
  • de 1 à 100m²
  • Downsize or upsize your storage space when you want
  • Electronic pin or badge access
  • Individually alarmed rooms
  • Motion sensors in each room
  • On-site parking space
  • Only the client has the key to their storage space
  • Open to businesses
  • Open to Privates
  • Rentals are not subject to a duration agreement
  • Rentals from 1 month to several years
  • Vehicle access

Specifics Services

    box à louer professionnelsbox à louer particulierpetit box pas cher ile de francequai de chargement flexistockage argenteuil

  • Extra large storage spaces (up to 100 square meters) designed for professional use
  • Small storage rooms to rent for the general public from 1 square meter
  • Locker rentals (micro storage spaces less than a square meter)
  • Loading dock suited to semi trailers and containers

Inexpensive storage space in Clichy

Flexi Stockage Argenteuil has a team that is dedicated to accompanying you in your choice of self storage solutions from 1 to 100 square meters.

Our storage spaces are all security controlled and equipped with video surveillance to ensure the safety of our customers and their belongings.

You have 24/7 access to your personal storage space whether you are an individual or a company.

Whether you are a private or a business.

We know how to provide you with the best possible storage space for your belongings at a reasonable price.

Packing and moving materials:

Are your cardboard boxes breaking? Have you run out of wrapping tape ? Don’t worry; our self storage center has a box shopwhere you can get whatever you need (Cardboard boxes of various size, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, wrapping tape and protection covers etc) and all at a reasonable price.

Our on-line store is available here !

Self storage solutions for professionals:

  • You can register your company address with us ;
  • Container-size loading docks ;
  • A goods drop off and pick up area ;
  • Goods handling trolleys capable of transporting 30 boxes at a time ;
  • Manual and electric forklifts ;
  • 2-wheel trolleys ;
  • 24/7 access ;
  • Storage spaces are monitored by video surveillance and locked via a security code ;
  • We accompany you for all your renovation and removal projects ;
  • ​Our sales team is present 6 days a week to keep you satisfied ;
  • Self storage solutions for everyone:

  • Our storage space rentals give you the best value for money in Paris and its surroundings;
  • It is the best way to have more space when you don’t have enough at home;
  • We accompany you if you’re renovating, moving or expatriating;
  • Our box shop has everything you need to protect your belongings;
  • We can help you move in and out by using our goods handling machinery and equipment.

    How to get to our self storage site…

    Public transport :

    Flexistockage ClICHY

    Take the metro line 13 toward Mairie de Clichy

    Flexistockage ClICHY

    take the Bus 274 and highlight at Landy Martre
    or take the bus 174 and highligh at rue du Port

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