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Multinationals, small to medium size companies and craftsmen, we have safe and secure selstorage space for you.

Flexi Stockage is THE partner of choice when it comes to accompanying your business throughout its activity. Having more space for less money has become part of a company’s strategy for many years now and that goes for multinationals, smaller businesses and even independent craftsmen. We are aware of this trend and thus provide you with a self storage alternative in Paris and its surroundings which will reduce your costs and give you more space thanks to our large range of storage spaces. From 1 to 150 square meters, private and accessible to you 24/7, you will have no problems finding the right storage space for you. What’s more, choosing to store your belongings with Flexi Stockage will give you flexibility, freedom and great financial savings.

Flexi Stockage for businesses, it’s professional self storage tailored to help you overcome your business challenges:

Are You getting into E-Commerce ?

You have no physical site and have decided to sell your products on line. Flexi Stockage has storage space suited to all kinds of goods, accessible any time and security controlled. You can also register your company address with us. More info

Are you renovating your premises ?

You’re renovating your infrastructure and you have a few questions: What will I do with my office furniture and equipment while the renovations are being carried out? How will I get to my office and important items if needed? We have the answers! Store it all with us, you will avoid dust, paint and other possible damage to your property. As far as having a work space goes, don’t worry we have comfortable, furnished offices to rent from 10 to 50 square meters in size. More info

Do your professional archives take up too much space ?

It’s the same problem at the end of each financial year; where am I going to store all these documents? You say to yourself. The longer you wait, the more archives and documents you have to store. Entrust Flexi Stockage with your precious records and put your office space to better use.

Do you want to store your tools and equipment in a safe and secure place ?

As a company and a craftsman you have to have a lot of material constantly on site. At Flexi Stockage we are aware that it’s not easy or safe to be transporting potentially hundreds of kilos of equipment from one workplace to the next and leaving your things in different places can be risky. That’s why we provide you with safe and secure storage space so that you can save time and energy as you move around from mission to mission.

8 reasons why you should choose Flexi Stockage

We can provide a large range of self storage spaces but we don’t stop there! We also offer a variety of services at no additional cost to help you move your belongings in and out so make the most of them !

Our self storage extra services

  •     Good loading docks.
  •     Pick up and drop off services for your goods.
  •     Handling Trolleys.
  •     Manual and electric fork-lifts.
  •     Flat bed and two-wheeler trolleys.
  •     Flexible storage rooms
  •     Security controlled storage space accessible by code and key.
  •     24/7 free access to the self storage store.

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