Business removal

removal Paris for expatriates

Is your company moving to Paris or its surroundings ?
Is the administration being transferred ?

Abens allows you to avoid losing valuable work time because we know that continuity is detrimental to your business.

Contact our partner Abens Removals for a personalized project study. A well organized removal is the guarantee of a successful transfer.

Partenaire flexi Stockage déménagement Ile de France


How to prepare a removal with Abens ?

Project study

Abens Removals bases your project study on qualitative and quantitative criteria.
Before starting we appoint one contact who will accompany you throughout the process.
Next we do the inventory and quantitative analysis: Number of working spaces to move, amount of IT equipment etc...
After that we analyze the qualitative aspects of your furniture: Fortified cabinets and safes etc as well as any access, loading or parking constraints.
Lastly, we plan your removal according to your availabilities and at times to avoid losing too much work time for your business as well as respecting any deadlines you may have.

Organization and preparation

Preparing your furniture before the move is essential for having a successful removal.
Packing and protecting your furniture will make it easier to transport it safely. Labeling your boxes, packing in logical categories and clearly indicating any priority objects will ensure a smooth process. These actions make the removal easier and help us to put everything in its place at the other end.

Transfer and removal

Above all, there are 2 things that must happen in order for a removal to be a success:

  • The team of removalists : that needs to be highly qualified, experienced and organized with a very professional sense of workmanship and attitude to services;
  • The tools, materials and equipment : used should be of the highest quality in order for the team to do their job in the most efficient and professional manner.

Partenaire flexi Stockage déménagement professionnels Ile de France

At Abens Removals we assure you that we have this combination of the 2 most necessary strengths in order to help you reach your objectives while respecting any deadlines you may have.


Once all your furniture, equipment and property has been placed, installed and set up respecting the guidelines from the pre-established plan, it is Mission Accomplished !

The removalists then clean up the site and remove any wrapping and protective materials.
They do a final inspection of the premises with the site manager in order to carry out any last modifications or improvements.
Once this has been done the site manager just has to validate the service by signing off on our end-of-mission document.

Set up a free appointment by completing our form.An Abens Removal consultant will contact you within 24 hours in order to organize a free visit at your place of work. He can also answer any questions you might have such as :

  • What kind of services and packages do you have? Are cardboard boxes included in the price ?
  • How about insurance? Are my belongings covered in the event of fire, theft, flooding, damage etc ?
  • What precautions will Abens take to make sure my furniture and equipment is protected ?
  • What kind of material will be used for my removal ?

Rest assured that it is our will to give you the best possible service, that’s why we guarantee :

  • A free visit;
  • One exclusive contact;
  • A personalized study.

  • Use a storage room while your company is in a period of transition

    As a company, your furniture, tools and professional equipment mean a lot to you. That’s why it’s important to be able to store them securely and protect them correctly. Even more so perhaps when you don’t have a lot of space for storage or when your removal is being carried out in stages due to distance or a tight schedule. Reserve your storage unit with Flexi Stockage. We can provide you with storage from 1 square meter up to 150 square meters. They are all security controlled and accessible by key and code 24/7.

    Self storage rooms in Paris