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flexi stockage self storage in ParisMultibox Self stockage was founded in 2005 and is held by an Irish Family group, Mutlibox Self stockage holds not less than 4 activities related to the self storage in Paris and its surroundings.

24/7 accessible storage rooms for personal and businesses

Flexi Stockage Self storage spaces in Paris :
Self storage is the most important activity of the group. It has been fast growing for years until it became one of the leaders in Paris and its surroundings.
Flexi Stockage is a storage rooms rental for personal and businesses. The self storage rental stands out thanks to both low prices and hight quality storage units.
Flexi Stockage is also the founder (and member) of the SSG (Self Storage grouping) with more than 920 independent companies within the self storage field,removal and equipment rental (Kiloutou, Enumeris, Europcar...).
The one of the biggest self storage sites in Paris has not less than 2 800 storage rooms divided between 4 self storage centers in Argenteuil(Paris Nord), Clichy (Stade de France), Paris (Tour Eiffel) and Villepinte (Aéroport Charles de Gaulle).

Not only self storage, we've got extra services

Flexi cartons Self storage spaces in Paris :
Flexi Cartons was established at the same time, it is a specialised shop providing boxes and packing supplies and mainly removal furnitures.That brand has also been fast growing thanks to a similar low prices/high quality concept.

Flexi Stockage Self storage spaces in Paris :
After noticing that businesses that rent storage rooms does it because of lack of space for their archives, a new brand called Flexi Bureaux was created to meet those "space"issues, providing affordable equipped office spaces. Over time, this activity became strategic for the group...

Flexi Stockage Self storage spaces in Paris :
Lately, Flexi Domiciliation was created in order to face the rising demand on the office rental. Companies can now get their own business address while renting an office (or not). This service comes with an utter postal service (stamps and dispatch).

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